Sweet Little Love Notes

Spirits can let us know that they are around. When we lose our spouse, partner or loved one, we don’t really lose them. One of the most beautiful truths about death is that there is no death … there is simply a separation of the body and the spirit. When our training time for this terrestrial life comes to a close, we simply step out of our vessel of clay and continue on with our eternal life. We don’t take any physical belongings with us as we make the transition, but we do carry the knowledge we gained while on the earth, as well as the emotions and love that we feel for those we leave behind.


If you have had any experiences like I have, you will certainly agree that our departed loved ones are near, and that these beloved spiritual beings have the ability to send you sweet little love notes (as I call them). These manifestations, sometimes subtle, sometimes more blatant, can arrive in many forms. You may experience sensations of their presence. You may hear them speaking, or you may smell a familiar fragrance that would be associated with them. Songs that had a special meaning to the both of you may play on the radio at just the time you need to hear them. You may see a license plate on the car ahead of you with numbers or words that send a message to you. Perhaps you will see birds, or butterflies hovering about as you think of your loved one. They have the ability to come to you in your dreams (although that usually doesn’t happen immediately after their departure). Through these dreams they may communicate messages of importance, or just let you feel of their presence again to assure you they are near. And sometimes, one is blessed to receive a visit from them during a waking state.


When you feel the presence of your loved one, don’t hesitate to talk to them and let them know that you recognize that they are with you. They want you to feel their spirit as they step forward. Don’t be afraid or timid to reach out and take their hand, or give them a sweet kiss, validating that you know they are there.


If you don’t feel any of these sensations, it certainly doesn’t mean that you have been abandoned, they are still there. You, however, may not be ready to feel what they would like you to feel … yet.

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